You might be wondering what the heck does this mean. Well it’s the beginning of an answer to some of your prayers! A lot of drummers keep asking how do you become famous or how do you do this and that. Well my goal with this is to share with you some valuable information on how to help you with your drums and your drumming. Since I started playing I was always looking for ways to improve my drums and my playing, there were some mistakes that I made which I regret but there were also things that I learnt that were helpful. So I want to help you get the maxim out of your drumming and your drums. This website will give you information on some drum issues and will show you what some top drummers have to say about certain topics. I hope that you will benefit from this and that it will help you improve your drumming and your future.

A word of advice take what you read and share it with others, if you do that you will be keeping the drum tradition alive and we as drummers could end up being better players.

So Drummers Beat It!!!






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