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Practice why? …

Posted: September 28, 2012 in articles
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Practice why?                                                                                                  

It is probably one of the most asked questions in the music world at the moment. We as muso`s find ourselves going with how we feel rather than looking at how we can improve. Well that’s how you might be feeling at the moment wondering what can I do to improve my playing.

The first thing we have to look at, is how dedicated are you to your instrument. Some guys spend 5 hours a day practicing because that’s part of their life, but if you are like me who is limited to a short time every day, then you might be asking how can I get a good practice routine in a short amount of time. Well this schedule will help you with all of that.

I would say take 35 minutes in your day to practice these exercises, rather than spending 2 hours of practice once a week and getting nowhere with your drumming. The thing is the more you practice the better you will become. It’s Not the longer you practice the better you become!

Okay let’s get started.

  1. I always warm up and loosen some limbs and muscles before playing so that you don’t feel as fatigue. I also do this so that I don’t end up injuring myself while playing.

A few things I warm up are my feet, hands and arms.

For my feet I sit at my kit and do singles strokes on my bass drum. I first play with my heel down and after about sixteen counts I change to heel up. Every four counts I alternate between my feet.

After doing this I warm up my hands I normally use heavier sticks for my warm ups. I start of with single strokes with my right hand and after 16 counts I move to the left. Then I would do pariddles starting on my snare and then moving around my kit. This helps with flexibility and limb independence.

I normally do this for 5 minutes.

2. Well the next thing I do is listen to one of my favourite songs, so that I feel inspired to practice, (some of us have to actual feel inspired or else it will never happen, anyways that’s another lesson altogether). I normally go for a heavier song, so that I feel really pumped up.

I normally spend 5 minutes.

3. Okay I hope I am getting you to think about your practice routine a bit more. Well after pumping myself up with my favourite tune, I start my practice. I just have to pause for a sec and say set goals for yourself, so that you can have something to work on rather than just going for something that sounds cool. I will explain more in the next article about Goal Setting. So as I said I have a few goals that I want to achieve so a lot of my practice is aimed to enhance and help me achieve those goals. I normally start of watching a video based on what I’m working on and then sit at my kit and work it out. I would suggest you first watch, then try to get the drum sheet to give you a better understanding of what you have to do, once you’ve done that get to kit and start practicing it.

I would suggest you spend 15 minutes doing this.

4. So you have already spent 25 minutes. You might be asking, okay cool what’s next Josh? Well I would suggest you go over the lessons you practiced, just so you don’t forget them (some of us can relate to that). This also helps you to start using them when necessary in songs. I found that it’s probably better to start using a metronome at this point, encase you were wondering.

I usually take 5 minutes to do this.

5. Okay finally I just want to say, end with another favourite song and try to put in what you have learnt from your lesson into it. I love going crazy at the end and adding fills that I have been practicing into it. This will give you a stronger playing ability and will help you to remember the lesson you just learnt better.

Okay! Phew I’m done. I hope this will help and inspire you to practice more on your kit and often. If you have any questions email me at I just want to say, everything that you read about from these articles share with others, so that we can keep the tradition of drumming alive. That’s what my goal is. So drummers BEAT IT!!!!!


A fellow drummer