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Behind DrummersBeatit

Posted: October 11, 2012 in articles

Behind DrummersBeatit


 All drummers have problems; all drummers have stuff that they can’t figure out. The really shock for most of us living in the world of perfect, is that even the worlds greatest drummers make mistakes! I’m sorry to shock you drum freaks, but the biggest shock is yet to come, wait for it…. We all make mistakes and we will make mistakes till the day, we either have arthritis or die or till you forget about you’re most loved and precious instrument because you thought that the girl next door is hot property. Some of us will be honest and can admit to our weaknesses, while others stubbornly carry on playing and failing. This is why I have come out with a savior for drummers, for all drummers whether you are a beginner or a “pro“ it’s called DrummersBeatit.

Okay done with the intro, phew! What is DrummersBeatit all about? Well it is designed to equip drummers with enough ammunition to play drums in any situation and to give them tips on how to beat certain problems they are facing. These problems are absolutely normal but if not dealt with can lead to huge troubles. My goal is to create a huge family of drummers willing to help and inspire one another and to go out there and rock the world of music by serving the music.

So drummers, take these lessons, articles, tips and Beat It.

If you have any questions please email me on or post your question on Facebook at drummersbeatit.


Thanks guys

A fellow drummer


Josh David.