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You might be asking yourself how can I be the best drummer, or how can I be the fastest drummer? Well I have a solution for you in three easy steps. These steps are DrummersBeatit’s motto.

 The first word is DO.

To get better at a craft you have to start by trying to play whatever you are struggling with or whatever you want to improve on. This process funny enough is called practice. If you don’t try something you will never succeed, so you have to get onto the drum kit and Do it. This will take sometime, some patience and some error but you going to have too just DO It.

 The next word is BEAT.

This isn’t drum beats!! This is you going and hitting your kit till you get whatever you are working on right. Since you have started practicing your piece of music or fill, you might be able to play it but you are still struggling to pull it of 4 times in a row. What do you do? The next step for you is to Beat those mistakes and problems. How do you do it? By practicing and persevering, the two p’s to remember. Once you have done that you will be able to go to the next step

The last and final step and word in this motto is Improve.

Improve means to develop and increase in mental and physical capacity by

Educating ones self. So that means you will have to give up that pretty girl and get to you kit and practice, practice, practice. You do this by being honest with yourself and seeing were your weaknesses are and looking at how you can improve your playing. Once you have mastered your craft you can go out there and flash your skill to that new girl. But be humble!!!


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They say that good musicians practice something until they can play it, but great musician practice until they cant make a mistake.